Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Opinion: This is a great day!

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I shot this photo in 2008 of Nancy at the California Democratic convention. It was my pleasure at that convention to meet Speaker Pelosi and many other great Democrats. I am a lifelong Democrat and health care reform passage is a long time dream come true.

I would be in favor of a plan that goes further. I wish there was a public option. But, the main thing is I do not think people should loose their health coverage when they lose their jobs. In my opinion this is a great day. Health care is a public need, like freeways; we all need it. This is long overdue!

As I think about it, it's hard for me to understand how this became a Democrat vs. Republican thing. Can't we all sleep better knowing we, and our children, are not a pink slip away from loosing health coverage? I have a Republican friend who had to declare bankruptcy after cancer treatment and a Democrat friend who broke a pelvis in accidents that occurred after a job loss.

Yes I am a Democrat; but I think we all won on this one.

[My photos from the 2008 California Democratic Convention are here.]